What Flowers for New Baby & New Mom

Sending a lovely bouquet of the best flowers for a new baby is a delightful surprise for a new mom. New baby flower arrangements are a brilliant way to show your support to those you love during a life-changing moment. The best flowers to send for new baby gifts are those that provide warmth, encouragement, and positive vibes.

best flowers for new baby

Flowers for new parents are a simple, thoughtful way to show that you’re thinking about them during this special time. The beauty of nature is a surefire gift given for giving birth that will be appreciated. Read on to discover all about the best flowers for baby bouquets! 

What Color Flowers for New Baby

The best flowers to give to celebrate a new baby will depend on how close you are to the parents, the gender of the baby, and the time of year! Here are a few guidelines you can use to determine which color would best suit a newborn flower bouquet; pair this knowledge with a birth flower or seasonal bouquet for a thoughtful gift.

Knowing the baby’s gender will help you pick your bloom’s colors, but you can always send flowers in advance in gender-neutral colors such as orange, cream, and pastel shades. Popular neutrally colored flowers include freesia & lilacs, tulip bouquets, and dried flower bunches.


best baby boy flowers


Flowers for Baby Boy

For baby boys, stick to blue and yellow shades for flowers. Baby blue flower bouquets are a fantastic choice to celebrate newborn boys. Consider a single-colored bouquet or multi-colored displays of dazzling blooms to uplift and encourage the new parents. Sending flowers for new mom and baby boy is a brilliant way to thoughtfully send well wishes and congratulations. 

Consider blue roses, blue irises, and yellow tulips as fantastic yet straightforward options for gifting flowers for baby boy.

Flowers for Baby Girl

Baby girls call for pink and purple blooms in bright and pastel shades. New baby girl flowers should be soft and feminine, bringing vibrancy and beauty into the home while the new parents adjust to their new routine. “It’s a girl” flowers are one of the most charming gifts to give to celebrate a new life.

Common flowers for new baby girls that come in soft, feminine shades are luscious peonies, roses, and lisianthus.


best baby girl flowers


Birth Month Flowers And Their Meanings

One of the sweetest flowers for new parents to give is the flower corresponding with their new baby’s birth month. Each month has at least one flower that represents it, and knowing this makes sending thoughtful flower bouquets a breeze.

January - Carnation & Snowdrop

Carnations are commonly associated with vivid color and their simple, charming beauty. Snowdrops represent the delicate balance of flowers that thrive through winter. These delightful flowers are ideal gifts for flowers for newborn baby girl or boy born in January.

February - Violet & Primrose

Violets and primroses are February's birth month flowers; these gorgeous blooms are ideal for baby girls and boys alike. Primrose's explosion of color will bring joy to the happy new family, whereas violets are ideal for those who appreciate a striking pop of color. 

March - Jonquil & Daffodil

Daffodils and jonquils are the joyous flowers that represent March birthdays. These flowers are some of the first to bloom every spring and make for a beautiful traditional gift to celebrate a newborn in this first month of spring.

April - Daisy & Sweet Pea

Daisies and sweet peas are two classic flowers that are the best to give to newborns arriving in April. Their straightforward natural beauty fills a room with the allure of spring. Create a new tradition by gifting the newest member of your family daisies or sweet peas! Both flowers have a simple, yet dazzling beauty that makes them perfect for baby boy flowers.

May - Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

The birth flowers for May are the unique lily of the valley and the delightful hawthorn. Both varieties of flowers grow traditionally in white and pink. Hawthorns are a small cluster of eye-catching flowers, whereas lilies of the valley are known for their bell-shaped blooms. These lovely flowers are the perfect gift for new baby flower arrangements in the month of May.

June - Rose & Honeysuckle

June’s birth month flowers of roses and honeysuckles make for a delightful combination of sight and smell. Roses are a wonderful gift in any color, but consider gifting a rose centerpiece to the new mother in your life to show you how much you care and want to encourage her during this exciting time. Honeysuckles also make a wonderful gift for babies born in June due to their unique shape and place in gardens.

July - Water Lily & Delphinium

Water lilies and delphiniums are the birth month flowers for July, and these strikingly beautiful flowers are both uncommon and breathtaking. While it may be difficult to gift water lilies to celebrate a newborn, delphiniums are much easier to source. These tall-climbing flowers come in rich shades of blue and purple and grow in soft white varieties perfect for gender-neutral gifting.

August - Gladiolus & Poppy

For babies born in August, you'll want to consider either the tall gladiolus flowers or the immediately recognizable poppy. Both show-stopping flowers are lovely in their simplicity and available in a wide range of colors. Bring joy to the new parents in your life with these heartfelt blooms to celebrate their new arrival!

September - Aster & Morning Glory

Asters and morning glories are the two delicate and beautiful flowers by birth month for September. Each flower comes in dazzling shades of purple, a good choice of color for both boys and girls. Both of these flowers have a lovely quality that helps uplift spirits and brighten homes. 

October - Marigold & Cosmos

October babies have marigolds and cosmos as their birth flower, and these whimsical blooms are perfect for flowers for baby girl birth or boys! Cosmos come in various colors and make for an excellent traditional gift, whereas marigolds' bright golden color will cheer up any new parent as they adjust to their new life.

November - Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a sweet flower to have as your birth month flower - there’s a popular children’s book with the same name for an extra sweet addition to your flowers for new mom and baby boy or girl! If you want to go above and beyond, consider adding a handcrafted Cuddles doll to create a gift basket that is sure to delight.

December - Holly & Narcissus

For babies born in December, we have holly and narcissus to represent their birth flower. Holly makes an eye-catching accent to flowers for new mom in hospital, such as lilies and white roses. These fittingly winter blooms are a wonderful way to celebrate a baby born in December!

No matter when you are celebrating the birth of a new baby, we’d love to help you send a meaningful bouquet of flowers! Contact our expert florists with your questions or to order a custom bouquet perfect for the new mom in your life. New mom flowers are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give, so don’t hesitate to order in advance to make sure they arrive exactly when you need them.

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