What Kind of Flowers Should I Give My Father?

Significance of Father’s Day Flowers

Buying your father flowers on Father’s Day is an excellent way to show your love this year. Flowers for fathers are not often something we think about culturally, however bringing the blooms of nature inside can have a fantastic effect on your father’s life. Sending flower bouquets to your father will surely make for a delightful surprise that will become a cherished memory - can you think of the last time anyone has sent your dad flowers?

Dad flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! While we often think of florals as feminine, various bold color combinations and playful flower textures will bring joy to your father’s space. Uplift the important men in your life with the male version of flowers gifted out of love!

Father's Day bouquet with gerberas

Why Gift A Flower for Father?

Studies have shown that gifting flowers can boost happiness, reduce household stress, and help express emotions. Many of us often wish to tell each other, “I love you,” more often - flowers are a symbolic gift showing your love. Even the most simplistic blooms can make a world of difference in our day-to-day mood.

From classic flowers for dad’s birthday to unique floral arrangements sent as a Father's Day bouquet, you can uplift your father’s mood and emotional well-being no matter how far away you live.

We often don’t consider sending our fathers flowers, instead opting to browse online lists of the best Father’s Day gifts. A Father’s Day flower is a unique gift that your father likely won’t be expecting but will find endearing and thoughtful nonetheless. Finding a flower that represents your father doesn’t just solve your gifting need this year - it can create a new tradition between the two of you that you can fall back on when your father needs a thoughtful gift, from his birthday to any other event that calls for a boost of positive emotions.

Father's Day bouquet with iris, thistle, and succulent


Popular Ideas For A Flower That Represents Father

When buying your father flowers, you’ll want to research what types of flowers men like. You should also take into account what colors and styles your father personally likes. The best flower for Father’s Day will vary based on your dad’s taste and what his life is like right now. 

For successful seasons, consider buying your dad a Father's Day flower bouquet that celebrates his achievement and success, such as carnations, which symbolize joy and admiration. Another delightful choice when looking for a bouquet for fathers is roses, specifically in yellow or orange, to celebrate joy and the vibrance of life.

We all go through rough periods, and some of the best wonderful Father's Day bouquet ideas include cheerful gerberas. These classic flowers are symbols of loyal love, innocence, and cheer. Their broad, colorful petals will help enrich your father's life and remind him how loved he is. Give your dad a gift that he will enjoy showing off to all his friends and family as a symbol of your love for him!

Another fantastic choice for a dad bouquet is a bundle of dried flowers. These gorgeous, carefully dried blooms remind him of the permanence of your affection for him and will make him smile for weeks to come. Dried flowers come in various colors that match your father’s existing decor. 

The official Father's Day flower is the most popular choice for gifting your father: red roses. These iconic symbols of love and adoration make the perfect gift - the striking red color will draw his eye to your thoughtful gift and uplift his whole space. Whether you have your gift delivered to his office or home, classic red roses will make him feel loved and remind him why he works so hard in all aspects of his life.

However, don’t limit yourself to only the popular choices for Father’s Day flower ideas! Browse all collections of flower bouquets to find one that calls out to you. Whether your dad is a minimalist who keeps his spaces clean or a maximalist who loves color in all things, you can find a bouquet for Father’s Day that enhances his unique style. 

How and When to Order Flowers

When ordering a flower bouquet for Father’s Day, you’ll want to order well ahead to ensure your delivery arrives exactly when you need it. We here at Flowers’ Cuddles recommend ordering around two weeks before you’d like your flowers delivered, especially when ordering for holidays. Our expert florists and delivery drivers will work from there to ensure your blooms arrive fresh and on time!

Ordering online is the best way to ensure that you get exactly what dad flowers you’re looking for. Browse our selection of flower bouquets to find the ideal blooms for you, or contact our florists for a custom order perfect for your father. We’re happy to help you determine what blooms best suit your dad when you order a bouquet of flowers for Father's Day.

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