Unveiling Symbolism: Your Essential Flower Guide

Understanding the Language of Wedding Blooms

When it comes to your big day, having the right flowers is essential. Your wedding bouquet should symbolize your true feelings for your partner on this special day; we’re here to help you figure out exactly how to make it happen! We’ve carefully researched wedding flower meaning for the most popular flowers so you don’t have to.

wedding flower meaning


Using flower color meaning at weddings provides the extra touch of ambiance and cohesion that will bring your wedding decor together. There are a variety of luxurious flowers with rich meanings that will fit any color scheme you can imagine. With a bit of planning, your wedding bouquet flowers and table floral arrangements can uplift and inspire you on your special day.

Popular Wedding Flower Names and Meanings

There are many moving parts when it comes to picking your wedding decor! When planning our big day, we often look up “flower meaning wedding” and find ourselves lost. Thankfully, we’ve gathered this list of the most popular flowers for weddings and their unique meaning. 

The meanings of flowers and plants for a wedding help create a romantic, intentional atmosphere. From simplistic backyard weddings to lavish venues decorated to the max, there are eye-catching flowers that fit the vibe you’re looking for. You can’t go wrong with a classic choice of wedding bouquet flowers!


There’s no better way to show the world how you feel about your partner than roses. Iconic red rose centerpieces are perfect for adding drama and an air of romance to your wedding.

wedding flower arrangement meanings

Roses symbolize passion and love, making them ideal for your special day. From pale pink and white roses to bold reds and oranges, there is a shade of rose for every flower meaning wedding bouquet. Delight your guests with the fresh aroma and sight of one of the most popular flowers!


Freesias represent trust and friendship, two things every couple wants to emphasize in their relationship. These gorgeous flowers make excellent additions to spring and summer weddings. With their delicate white blooms tinged with yellow, a bunch of freesias is the perfect low-key flower to tie the atmosphere of your wedding together.


If you’re looking for a lush purple flower to add to your bouquet of flowers for wedding list, look no further than the dazzling iris. These delightful flowers symbolize hope and faith, which many couples hold dear in their marriage. If you want to incorporate flower color meaning into your wedding, purple is often associated with royalty and luxury - it’s an excellent accent color for weddings!


Peonies are one of the most popular wedding flower bouquet choices because they symbolize happy marriage, good fortune, and prosperity. These delicate multi-layered flowers are ideal for adding an air of romance and eye-catching appeal to your wedding decor. Selecting the best blooms for your wedding is a breeze, as these classic flowers come in various colors.


Lisianthus flowers are the ideal addition to wedding flower arrangement meanings - these lovely flowers represent life-long bonds and gratitude. There’s no better flower to show the depth of your devotion to your new spouse! Stun your wedding guests with symbolism in a lush display of texture and color with a lisianthus bouquet fit for a fairytale wedding.


The luscious multi-layer ranunculus blooms make them a fan favorite for spring weddings. Ranunculus symbolizes charm, attraction, and love. If you want a flower meaning wedding bouquet meant just for your partner, these stunning flowers are an excellent choice. These dazzling blooms are one of the best ways to add a soft, feminine touch to your wedding celebration.

Creative Bouquet of Flowers Wedding Ideas

Every couple is different, and so is each wedding! If you’re unsure about what blooms to select, take your time to consider all of your options. Don’t limit yourself to popular ideas; think outside the box when it comes to wedding flower meanings. Finding wedding floral flower meanings that resonate with you might take some time.

A fantastic way to think outside the box is to play with flower color meanings at weddings - incorporate your color scheme into your floral displays! Flower colors hold just as much symbolism as the flowers themselves. Get creative by mixing rich colors symbolizing love with softer shades that represent friendship and joy. There’s no limit to the ways that you can use color in your floral arrangements to shift the mood of your big day to exactly where you want it.

If you’d like your wedding bouquet to last without any extra work on your part, consider a dried flowers bouquet. This unique addition to your wedding is sure to be a topic of conversation, and dried flowers fit perfectly in wedding decor for all seasons and colors. Use dried flowers to create an inviting atmosphere of simplicity for your celebration.

Another way you can keep a memorable keepsake of your wedding forever is with one of our plush dolls - a lifelong collectible handcrafted to match the passion of your wedding bouquet flower meanings.

No matter how you celebrate your big day, our floral arrangements help you set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. The right wedding flower bouquet for you will vary based on your taste and wedding decor; don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a custom order to bring your vision to life!

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