Best Flowers For Men

Buying flowers for men can seem daunting, but there are so many wonderful floral arrangements crafted especially for men that your recipient will love! Flowers make a fantastic gift for boyfriends, husbands, family, and friends. The best flowers for men will vary based on a wide variety of factors. Read on to learn more about the blooms, colors, and arrangements of the typical guy’s favorite flowers.

Masculine Flowers: What Flowers Men Prefer

Generally speaking, men like flowers too, a lot more than society gives credit for! The best flowers to get a guy are structural, full of life and color, and almost edgy in their style. Feminine, soft flowers should be reserved for yourself and your girlfriends! The best flowers for guys bold flowers that speak to their style, and flower meanings will have less of an impact on men than women. However, they’re still important to consider, and we’ll talk more in-depth about them later.

Choosing to gift your husband or boyfriend flowers breaks the mold, yet knowing what type of flowers men typically enjoy is still helpful. When deciding to gift flowers to a special man in your life, you’ll most likely ask yourself, “What is the most masculine flower?” While there is no one specific answer to that, here are some commonly masculine flowers perfect for gifting:

  • Orchids
  • Roses
  • Succulents
  • Gerberas
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Dahlias
  • Chrysanthemums

Another important detail when ordering a flower bouquet for him is the color of your blooms. Gender-neutral shades such as white, cream, yellow, and green make excellent gifts. Many men will also appreciate the stunning shades of blue in which many flowers naturally come, such as blue irises and cornflowers. Blooms that come in rich and saturated colors, such as tulips, roses, and dahlias, will also be appreciated by men.

As a general rule of thumb, gender-neutral shades work well for surprise gifts and thank-yous, while blues and reds work well for romantic occasions, reminders of your love, and celebrating life's happy moments. Blues help channel your man’s masculine energy into a thoughtful gift he will surely appreciate. Yellows and oranges speak to happiness and cheerful feelings, while deep and muted reds are the perfect symbol of romance. 

When in doubt, browse our flower bouquets for him to get a feel for the best color schemes for masculine floral arrangements. 

Overall, the best flowers to get men will be presented differently than a bouquet for women. Men generally prefer floral arrangements that compliment their space; for example, a stunning bouquet of white orchids for the minimalist or magnificently red roses set in a dark vase for the maximalist. Consider where you’ll be having your man’s flowers delivered as a key part of the process: a showy display of flowers may not be the right fit for his workspace. A beautiful gender-neutral arrangement makes for a tasteful display of your love in these cases.

It can be difficult to assess which of the most masculine flowers is right to send flowers to your boyfriend or husband. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes the top four most popular flowers for gifting men perfect for the title of the most masculine flower.

Orchids for Him

Orchids have a distinct, easily recognizable shape that fits beautifully with modern or classic decor. In flower meanings, orchids stand for love, thoughtfulness, and mature charm. This makes them the ideal gift as a reminder of your love and a show of appreciation for his finer qualities. These beautiful blooms make for the best flowers to give your boyfriend in shades of white, orange, and blue.

Roses for Men

Roses have solidly established themselves as the ultimate flower of romance and passion in the current zeitgeist. This makes them one of the best flowers to send a man - there’s little ambiguity about the meaning behind your gift. Known for their symbolism as flowers of love, passion, and devotion, roses are among the best flower to get a guy. Opt for cream or red roses to show your love, or shades of orange or yellow to cheer your loved one up.

Red bouquet of roses in black wrapping paper

Succulents for Husbands

Succulents are not typically thought of when brainstorming a guy’s favorite flowers, however, in recent years, it has become ever more popular to gift bouquets of stunning succulents. As a gift, succulents are a symbol of endurance and strength, something that many men take pride in nurturing within themselves. They make for a meaningful gift that your man will enjoy keeping on display, as succulents vibe with all types of decor to create a truly meaningful gift.

Bouquet of peach and pink flowers in the arms of a girl

Gerberas for Boyfriends

One of best flowers to give your boyfriend, gerberas work wonderfully for sending a message of cheer and appreciation. Gerberas stands for innocence, cheerfulness, and loyal love. In muted oranges and yellows, these fantastic flowers are the perfect gift for any man in your life who could use inspiration. When gifted to boyfriends and husbands, gerberas are a touching symbol of the light and cheerfulness that come with long-lasting love.

Bouquet of orange gerberas and roses

Occasions for Flowers for Guys

Not only should you select the best flowers for boyfriends when looking at flower bouquets, but you should also select the appropriate time to gift them. Not all occasions are flower-worthy, especially for men. In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the best times to gift flowers for men.

  • Birthdays are an excellent time to send your boyfriend or husband flowers. He will feel genuinely appreciated, and the blooms will uplift his mood and bring beauty to his space. From gender-neutral orchids to richly colored dahlias, there’s a perfect petal to make your man feel special on his birthday.
  • Father's Day flowers delivery is one of the best ways to surprise your dad on his special day. We often buy flowers for Mother’s Day, but it’s uncommon for us to do the same for our dads. Make a sweet new tradition with a gift of eye-catching gerberas or stunning succulents. 
  • Anniversaries are a beautiful way to mark all your love has been through, and classic red roses are the perfect way to gift flowers to your husband. Make sweet memories with a thoughtful bouquet of his favorite colors, or use flower meanings to guide you.
  • Achievements such as graduating from school or landing a big new job are worth celebrating! A gorgeous bouquet of the best flowers to get men is a thoughtful way to mark the occasion with simple elegance.

Overall, the best time to buy flowers for your man is when you want to make a memory. A bright bouquet of luxurious flowers is a sight to behold, and your loved one will be touched that you were so thoughtful. Using the above guide to help you find the right color and flower meaning for you, send your guy’s favorite flowers today! 

What flowers do men like most?

Men truly appreciate flowers with unique beauty, distinctive shapes, and gender-neutral colors. White, cream, yellow, orange, and green flowers are most fitting for this purpose. Overall, the best flowers to get a guy are generally classically recognizable and elegant flowers such as orchids, birds of paradise, gerberas, and roses.

What flower symbolizes love for boyfriends?

Red roses are the best flowers to gift your boyfriend that symbolize romantic love. Red is the color of a flower associated with love, passion, and a deep connection in your relationship. As mentioned earlier, roses are culturally recognized as one of the ultimate symbols of love. Your boyfriend will deeply appreciate “the tables turning” and receiving his own red rose bouquet!

What flower represents masculinity?

Masculine flowers are generally thought to have bold lines and less delicate features than many popular feminine flowers. Colors for masculine flowers are often rich and deep or neutral and muted, as opposed to the softness of flowers you’d give a woman. Iconic masculine flowers include orchids, roses, dahlias, and gerberas.

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