10 Popular Flowers That Mean Friendship

Expressing the love that you have for your friends is the start of any genuinely thoughtful gift, such as beautiful friendship flowers. Celebrate deep bonds of friendship, honor the trials you overcome together, and gift a wonderful symbol of friendship when you send a flower that represents friendship. From meaningful flowers that symbolize friendship and love to a simple bouquet of joy and well-wishes, there’s no end to the ways you can show your friends just how much they mean to you using the language of flowers that signify friendship.

Read on to learn more about which flowers signify friendship and what friendship flower color is right for each type of relationship. We’ll dive deep into the meaning of some of the most popular friendship flowers, taking all the mystery out of sending an intentional gift with meaning. Start making meaningful floral memories with your friends today!

What Flower Means Friendship

Sending flowers that represent friendship is the ideal way to show a friend that you’re thinking of them or that you’re there for them during a difficult season of life. Each friendship is unique, just like each flower that symbolizes friendship we have listed below. When you decide to research “flowers for my friend,” this is the information you need to make an informed choice.


While roses are often thought to be exclusively for romantic love, in many color combinations, roses are the ideal best friend flowers! The best friendship rose color is yellow. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy; these bright blooms are the perfect flowers for best friend. Roses of any color make for a delightful surprise for friends who need a boost of energy and love.

Bouquet of soft roses


Gerbera daisies are a delightful symbol of friendship, known as a way to convey loyal love and cheerfulness. A strong friendship is built on mutual feelings of love and a drive to enjoy each other’s company, enrich each other’s lives, and adventure through the ups and downs of life together. Honor all the wonderful happy times and manifest more by gifting your friends a bouquet of beautifully arranged gerberas - as a pick-me-up present, to mark special occasions, or just because!  

Pink Frostbite, 35 stems


Freesias are one of the most delightful choices when buying a flower that means friendship. These eye-catching blooms represent trust and friendship, and their delicate petals provide a beautiful display of color. When mixing friends and flowers, your first stop should be to browse freesia bouquets, especially those enhanced with gorgeous complementary flowers, such as our freesia & lilac bouquet!

Freesia and Lilac bouquet


Sunflowers are an iconic choice of flowers for friendship, and specifically, a best friend flower! As a symbol of positivity, joy, and friendship they make for a fantastic friendship flower bouquet for any occasion. Their beautiful displays of autumnal colors will surely bring warmth to your flower friendly meaning and your friends’ hearts year-round!


Tulips are a bold and showy flower that represents friendship; most classically known as symbols of deep love, they’re a wonderful way to represent the bond and connection you share with a close friend. Tulips come in various beautiful, rich shades that make for a perfect meaningful gift that will brighten your friend’s space with the beauty of spring.

Bouquet of tulips wrapped in Kraft paper


The beautiful blooms of alstroemeria symbolize friendship, love, and devotion. These vibrant lilies make for a wonderful choice of flowers for a friend; a bouquet is sure to brighten up any friend’s day and make them feel loved and appreciated. This flower representing friendship is sure to delight any recipient no matter what time of year it is or what season of life they’re facing.


Flowers meaning friendship can also have other positive meanings, and peonies are full of positive symbolism that will leave your friends feeling valued and joyful. Peonies symbolize love, prosperity, and good luck. A bouquet of peonies is an excellent choice to celebrate your friend’s achievements and success or to wish them luck as they chase their dreams!

Pink peonies bouquet wrapped in Kraft paper


Iris flowers make a lovely choice for a friendship bouquet. They symbolize wisdom and faith, and their gorgeous purple color makes for a striking visual. These blooms are a fitting choice to send friends who need a pop of color in their lives. 


Gladiolus flowers are flowers for friends with many meanings, including integrity, strength of character, and friendship when gifted in yellow. These blooms grow in a dramatic long spike in beautiful colors ranging from bold and vibrant to soft pastels. These are an ideal flower of friendship, perfect for gifts on any occasion!


These cheerful spring flowers representing friendship come in beautiful shades of yellow and white, fitting for their meaning of new beginnings. When you have a friend facing a new adventure or a big life change, a bouquet of daffodils is a darling choice to remember the moment. 

Express the Warmth of Friendship with the Right Hue: What is the Color of the Friendship Flower

Generally, the best friendship flower color is yellow. This is because of the cheerful, sunny nature of the color yellow and the fact that many flowers specific meaning when yellow is for friendship. The yellow flowers friendship connection in both flower meanings and pop culture is strong - consider everything from vibrant tulips to cheerful sunflowers to get the job done!

Alternatively, shades of orange, pink, and purple can make a wonderful choice of color for flowers for female friend gifts. For example, a delicate pink and white lisanthus bouquet is flowers by friends that make the recipient feel loved, honored, and valued. The gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers in fitting colors can make a real difference in your friend’s self-care and self-love routine!

No matter why you’re sending flowers for best friends, make it happen with confidence by choosing flowers arranged with care. All our flower bouquets are intentionally crafted to evoke emotion and meaning, and when paired with one of our handcrafted Cuddles dolls can make memories that last a lifetime. 

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