Your Guide to Popular Easter Flowers for the Bouquets and Arrangements

Celebrating Easter is a delightful tradition shared by many families across the world, and making Easter dinner feel special can be achieved as easily as ordering a bouquet of Easter flowers! Flowers are a gorgeous symbol of renewal and the beauty nature offers us every spring. 

No matter how you celebrate Easter, thoughtfully chosen blooms can set the stage for memories your family will cherish for years. Set the table with beautiful happy Easter flowers, decorate your home, or gift an arrangement of the most popular flowers for Easter. Read on to learn more about classic Easter flowers and how you can use them to brighten your holiday!

popular easter flowers

Traditional Easter Flowers

Since Easter was first celebrated, flowers have always played a large role in setting the scene. Traditional Easter flowers often symbolize hope and renewal. Additionally, Easter is one of the largest celebrations in spring, and it is only fitting to intertwine the beauty of the year’s first flowers into this most precious holiday.

Below, we’ll list some of the classic flowers associated with Easter. Use these blooms as a starting point for all your Easter flower ideas! Keep in mind that we’re only listing the most common Easter flowers names - feel free to get creative with your choice of blooms.


The delicate blooms of iris flowers make them popular purple Easter flowers. Long associated with nobility, these purple flowers symbolize hope and wisdom in modern times. Perfect for adorning end tables or as part of your Easter table centerpiece, these showy flowers bring a vivid pop of color to your celebration.


Daffodils are an iconic spring Easter flower due to their early blooms at the start of spring. These fun flowers come in various shades of yellow and white. Consider adding daffodils to your front porch decor or displaying a vase of them in your entryway for a whimsical way to welcome guests to your Easter celebrations.


One of the best flowers for Easter is the tulip due to its versatility. These gorgeous cutting flowers come in nearly every shade of the rainbow! Bring in a vividly colored tulip bouquet to accent your Easter baskets or table setting. Choose softer peach or yellow Easter flowers to create a cohesive look for your egg decorating station. With the sheer variety of hues available and their most popular meaning (true and deep love), these flowers are an excellent choice for thoughtful decorating.


Easter roses are a wonderful way to add elegance and charm to your holiday get-together. Fresh roses perfectly symbolize the love and connection of a family gathered together for a meal and companionship. Whether you adorn each child’s basket with a single rose or gift charming rose centerpieces to your loved ones, these classic flowers will delight even the youngest guests. Peach, pink, yellow, or white roses are some of the most common Easter flowers and are perfect for the occasion. 


Our final flower on our list of most popular Easter flowers is the ranunculus. These delicate, multi-layered blooms make for excellent centerpieces and Easter basket additions. If you’re looking for precious pink Easter flowers to decorate your home with this season, look no further than a bouquet of ranunculus. As a symbol of charm and happiness, these blooms are sure to uplift everyone you’re celebrating with!

Best Floral Table Arrangements for Easter Dinner

Thankfully, common Easter flowers are all absolutely gorgeous when paired together to create a table arrangement. This year take your hosting to another level with fresh flower bouquets fit for one of the biggest celebrations we enjoy! From simplistic single-bloom bouquets to elaborate floral arrangements fit for any table, you can find an Easter floral arrangement that fits your style and budget.

The best Easter flowers arrangement for your table will depend on the rest of your decor. Is your house filled with small children and the lovely pastel colors of eggs, baby animals, and the Easter bunny? Look for tulip easter flowers to bring the whimsical beauty of spring right to your table.

A more minimalist and traditional approach to Easter often includes wood, candles, and religious symbols. In this style of decor, purple Easter flowers are a popular choice. Consider a luxurious bouquet of lisianthus for an elegant touch to your dinner table. Another popular line of Easter flower arrangement ideas includes elegant flowers such as iris, roses, and hyacinths. Pick your favorite and draw in the beauty of the great outdoors!

Creative Easter Bouquet Ideas

In today’s fast-paced culture, we often find ourselves wanting to take a step back and include simple natural beauty in our celebrations. You can use the best Easter flowers to get creative with your children’s Easter baskets in various ways! Including a fresh bouquet of their favorite flower (or blooms of their favorite color) is a great way to bring a natural touch to their basket. Consider a handcrafted Cuddles doll for an extra sentimental addition to your Easter baskets this year.

There are many types of Easter flowers to consider when hosting your Easter get-together. Surrounding your celebration with visual floral reminders of joy, renewal, and hope goes a long way to setting the atmosphere. 

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